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QLD – BRIBIE ISLAND DAY OUT – Itinerary: Bribie Island Day Trip – beach and eats

Looking for a nice beach without having to drive hours from home?

How long has it been since you took a drive to Bribie and enjoyed a day in the sun?


The awesome thing about Bribie, is it’s not as packed as the usual sunny coast or gold coast, the beaches are just as nice, and you can choose surf or calm side – depending on your preference for water in your face.

Take exit 152 off the Bruce Highway (if you’re heading North) and continue east to Bribie Island.

You’ll find swimming spots dotted everywhere east of Ningi – but the most popular areas are over the bridge either on the Pumice Stone passage side in calm water (just drive the esplanade to find your spot like this one at Bongaree Jetty) or continue heading East after the bridge to the Surf side if you’d prefer waves or want to take the pooch for a swim!

If you’ve got a 4×4 Bribie has a fun (and bumpy!) inland 4×4 track that heads north from White patch to the tip. If you pick your tides and times, you can take the inland track up, and head back down the beach with a swim at some of the fresh water holes along the way (or visa versa!).
Be warned though, if it hasn’t rained in a while, it’s recommended you take a friend or a good recovery kit! The inland track can get REALLY soft!

While you’re in the area, also check out the Sandstone Point Hotel – their food is AH-MAY-ZING and the venue has some really cool areas to eat and chill out. Even if you choose to sit on the grass hill overlooking the passage and order fish and chips from the Oyster Shed – it’s a great time out.

Can you get any better than a nice salty swim followed by sea side fish and chips!?


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